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LCAS Board 2018

Left to right: Karen Rutt, Ron Dowding, Kendra Ronnau, John Cooper, Jim Swanson, Jamie Bauman, Ron Suing, Jennifer Rawlinson

Not pictured: Tom Messick


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Super Fair Returns to 10 Days

Dear Lancaster County youth & families,

We’re excited for this year’s Super Fair which marks the Ag Society’s 149th year and the 18th year at Lancaster Event Center fairgrounds!

Your Ag Society board really appreciates everyone’s input as we tried some different approaches last year to make the 5,000+ entries from 700+ 4-H & FFA youth the stars of our fair.

This year, we are going back to clearly inviting the public out for the 10-day Super Fair that they have come to love, but we are trying a new “picture icon” schedule. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we hope to better communicate to the public that if they want to see the 4-H/FFA exhibits — including 4-H/FFA/Open static exhibits and the largest selection of animals during the fair — to visit the first four days. And if the public wants to enjoy the carnival, free attractions and fair food outside on the fairgrounds, they have a full 10 days, which we hope will spread out the crowds at the carnival.

We are happy to announce that after hearing many of you really want to have Open Livestock shows along with the 4-H/FFA shows, that we have several new Open Livestock Superintendents who have stepped up to organize these shows. The Ag Society will support as many of these Open Livestock shows as space allows to use the pavilions already setup from the 4-H/FFA portion of the fair, and will help pay for judges and ribbons. (Show info at on May 1.)

As worked well last year, there are some activities which will only be available the first four days, including:

•  4-H/FFA and Open static exhibits will be together in the Lincoln Room.

•  Open Quilts & Photography will again be in the Lancaster Room (Business Center).

•  Commercial Vendors and Family Fun Zone in the Multipurpose Arena.

•  The Pepsi Free Music & Entertainment Series with extra food vendors.

After the 4-H/FFA animal and static exhibits, and most vendors move out Sunday night, some non-fair shows (including some horse shows and a youth sports competition) will rent space to run concurrently with the second half of the fair which will continue centered on the north side of the fairgrounds with the carnival outside and Open Livestock shows in Pavilion 1.

Reserved seat tickets and Open Show details will be available starting May 1 at with online registration now required for most Open shows to get lowest cost entry fees. Buy tickets early to get the best reserved seats for the popular “Motor Mania” series: Figure 8 Races, Demo Derby and Mud Drags.

The new national attraction rolling into town will be the Extreme Raptor Show with the world’s largest traveling collection of birds of prey. This educational and interactive show will be fun for all ages!

Ron Dowding, President,
Lancaster County Agricultural Society, Inc.