Info for Fairgoers

Fair Waiver and Liability Statement

Lancaster County Agricultural Society [LCAS] and/or Lancaster Event Center [LEC] and/or Lancaster County Super Fair [LCSF] shall not be responsible for any damage to exhibits, animals, vehicles, merchandise, concession or any other personal property caused by any cause whatsoever. Additionally, fair visitors and participants waive and covenant not to sue and further agree to indemnify and hold harmless LCAS, LEC and/or LCSF from any and all claims, costs, causes of action (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), relating to loss, injury or damages of any kind, while attending or participating in the Lancaster County Super Fair, to the fullest extent permitted by Nebraska law, including claims for negligence committed by the foregoing. Fair visitors and participants assume all risks and dangers associated with attendance or participation in the Fair.


Media Rights Release

Patrons entering the facility are subject to having their image and/or likeness reproduced to promotional and or/publicity purposes in the Lancaster Event Center (LEC)/Super Fair photography and/or webcasts by LEC/Super Fair contractor or partner of the LEC/Super Fair.