Pet Rules

Animals Inside Buildings

Horse, Livestock & Dog Show Events

  • No dogs or other pets allowed in any buildings except for those competing in pet competitions and service animals

Service Dogs/Animals

  • Always allowed per local and federal regulations
  • Service dog/animal needs to controlled by leash or harness with owner
  • If service dog/animal not wearing service animal vest, please notify show or SGEC staff on arrival that you are bringing a service animal
  • For public safety and not to disrupt animal competitions, must contact show staff if want to visit areas where show animals are present beyond what is allowed for horse, livestock and dog shows e.g. show arenas

Dogs on Fairgrounds

  • Licensed dogs with current City of Lincoln rabies tags are allowed on a leash on the fairgrounds or in our campgrounds as long as they are not being disruptive and following dog care rules are followed

Dog Sanitary Rules

  • Owner responsible to take dog to nearest grass area (or designated dog relief pen at dog shows)
  • Owner responsible to pick up feces in plastic bag & throw in garbage
  • Contact SGEC cafe or operations staff if need a plastic bag

Sheltering Dogs

  • Dogs kept outside for more than 30 minutes in adverse weather conditions must be provided with shelter
  • Owner must provide food and water
  • No dogs may be left in car or camper when weather is hot unless air conditioned and supervised by owner

Animal Control may be called to investigate a complaint for which the owner may be issued a citation or made to correct the violation on site. Feel free to contact Animal Control at 402.441.7900.

Other Pets

Other than dogs as outlined above, no other pets or animals are allowed on Sandhills Global Event Center fairgrounds or inside buildings unless competing or performing in a show or with written permission from SGEC Managing Director.

City of Lincoln Animal Control Regulations

License Requirements

  • All dogs over six months of age must be licensed for the current calendar year

Rabies Vaccination

  • Each dog over three months of age must be vaccinated against rabies
  • Dog must have a rabies tag on collar