Dairy Cattle Show

Sunday, August 4

11am, Pavilion 1 - East Arena


Superintendent: Diane Ossenkop

Phone: 402-540-2968

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Registration and Entry Fees:

Pre-Entry Fee: $20/animal, Pre-Entry Pen Fee $10/pen on or by July 26

After July 26, Late Entry Fee: $25/animal, Late Pen Fee $15/pen

Showmanship Entry Fee: $10 (pre-register or day of show)

Pee Wee Showmanship: No entry fee for Pee Wee. Enter day of show.

Stall availability:

Saturday, August 4th. Stalls available 7am

Check-In: Saturday, August 4th, 7-10am

All cattle must be checked in and in place.

Registration papers must be checked by show management.
All cattle released after they have been shown.

Show Time: Saturday, August 4th, 11am


100% payback, less late entry fees.

Show Rules

This is an open show. Anyone of any age can show. Exhibitors are reminded to comply with Nebraska Health Paper Regulations but show management will not check health papers. Any animal exhibiting any signs of fungus, ringworm or warts, or any illness, virus, or health issue may be disallowed from showing by show management without refund of entry fees.

Exhibitors can only have two entries per class number. First and Second place animals compete for grand champion and reserve champion in each breed- Junior and Senior division. Note: all grade and registered animals will be shown together. Yearling heifers that have calved will be placed in the appropriate cow class.

Abusive handling practices will not be allowed.

See Open Class General Rules 


Enter Classes


Class List

Class #    Class Description

01           Spring Heifer Calves – Born March 1 thru April 30, 2019

02           Winter Heifer Calves- Born Dec. 1, 2018 thru Feb. 28, 2019

03           Fall Heifer Calves- Born Sept. 1 thru Nov. 30, 2018

04           Summer Yearling Heifers – Born June 1 thru Aug. 31, 2018

05           Spring Yearling Heifers- Born March 1 thru May 31, 2018

06           Winter Yearling Heifers- Born Dec. 1, 2017 thru Feb. 29, 2018

07           Fall Yearling Heifers- Born Sept. 1 thru Nov. 30, 2017

 (Dry Cows must have completed one lactation)

08           Dry 3 & 4 Year Old Cow- Born Sept. 1, 2014 thru Aug. 31, 2016

09           Dry Cow, 5 Yr. & Older- Born prior to Sept. 1, 2014

10           Milking Jr. 2 Yr. Old Cow- Born March 1 thru Aug. 31, 2017

11           Milking Sr. 2 Yr. Old Cow- Born Sept. 1, 2016 thru Feb. 28, 2017

12           Milking 3 Yr. Old Cow- Born Sept. 1, 2015 thru Aug. 31, 2016

13           Milking 4 Yr. Old Cow- Born Sept. 1, 2014 thru Aug. 31, 2015

14           Milking 5 Yr. and Older Cow- Born prior to Sept. 1, 2014