Swine Show

Saturday, August 7

10am-Noon, Pavilion 1 - West Arena

Fair Coordinator:  Susan Bulling

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone:  402.441.1828

Superintendent: Harry Muhlbach

Phone: 402-430.7304

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Registration and Entry Fees

Pre-Entry Fee: $10/animal, Pre-Entry Pen Fee $10/animal on or by July 25

After  Midnight July 25, Late Entry Fee: $15/animal, Late Pen Fee $15/animal

Showmanship Entry Fee: $5 (pre-register or day of show)

Pee Wee Showmanship: No entry fee for Pee Wee.

Stall availability:

Saturday, August 7th. Stalls available 7am.

Check-In: Saturday, August 7th, 7am-9:30am.

All swine must be checked in and in place. NSR Paper Verification, weigh cards due by 9:30am. There will be 10lb weight variance allowed on all market swine.

Class winners will be weighed back at conclusion of each class.


Show Time:

Saturday, August 7th, 10am-Noon

Show Order:

  • Showmanship (Adult, Senior, Intermediate, Junior, PeeWee)
  • Breeding Gilts By Breed in alphabetical order then all other breeds and Cross (Landrace, Yorkshire, Chester Whites, Spotted, Duroc, Hamp, Cross). Any breed with less than 3 head will show in the AOB Class.
  • Market Hogs will be weighed and broken into classes by weight.
  • Gilts may show as both breeding and market, but must be entered twice and pay the fee twice. 

Showmanship Age Divisions:

  • Adult 21 and over
  • Senior: 15-21
  • Intermediate: 12-14 
  • Junior: 8-11
  • Pewee: 7 and under


100% payback, less late entry fees. 

No outside bedding used due to composting.  Shavings available upon arrival from LEC General Store on arrival at $9/bag with tax/delivery included.

How To Sign Up

Step One: Read the Rules and Regulations below

Rules & Regulations

This is an open show. Anyone of any age can show.

This show is NOT terminal. All swine showed MUST return home with exhibitors.

Exhibitors are reminded to comply with Nebraska Health Paper regulations but the show management will not check health papers. Any animals exhibiting any illness, virus, or health issue may be disallowed from showing by show management without refund of entry fees.

There are no rules or regulations as to fitting.

Abusive handling practices will not be tolerated.

No minimum or maximum weights.





Step Two: Enter classes below using ShoWorks 

Enter Classes - Opens June 7