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Online Registration: Begins June 1 and ends Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Check-In: Wednesday, August 1st, 1pm-6:00pm, Lincoln Room

Judging: Wednesday night, August 1st (Closed to Public)

Show Times Open to Public: Thursday, August 2nd – Sunday, August 5th, 10:00am-9:00pm


Entry Fees: None if pre-entered by July 25th.

Late Entry Fee: Late entries will be accepted; however, a $1 late fee will be charged per entry.


General Show Rules


How To Sign Up:


Step One: Read the rules and regulations.


Rules and Regulations


Rules & Regulations


1st place: $5.00
2nd place: $4.00
3rd place: $3.00
Also Special Awards


All exhibits will be released on Monday, August 6th, 1:00pm-5:00pm. 4-H families may pick up their Open Class exhibits and premiums during static 4-H release time. Premiums will only be paid during the release times at the Premium Payout Station. No payouts will be paid at any other time. If you do not collect your premiums during these times, you will forfeit your winnings. Entries will only be released to the exhibitor or his/her authorized agent.


This department is for ages 11 thru adult. ONLY ONE EXHIBIT MAY BE ENTERED FOR EACH CLASS NUMBER. All articles must be produced and grown by the exhibitor. If the judge deems articles have been purchased for exhibition, they may be disqualified. Corn exhibits selected from late varieties and entered either as medium or 90 day will be ruled out. Spoiled produce will be disqualified.

After being submitted, the superintendent shall have control of same: exhibitors shall not interfere with or handle exhibit afterwards.

No entries will be released before specified time. If you are unable to pick up your exhibits at the release time, it is your responsibility to find someone to do so. Any items remaining after posted release time be disposed of immediately and premiums will be forfeited.


Step Two:

View Class List


Step Three:

Enter Classes